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Project Development in the Energy Industry

By December 19, 2019July 12th, 2022Projects

As a result of Professor Raphael Heffron being appointed as Visiting Professor at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, my self and some other colleagues from the Centre (CEPMLP) were going there to deliver modules for the Oil and Gas Economics Master Course in that University.

This year, I have been to Mozambique twice as I got invited back to teach at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane at the beginning of this month. In September and October this year I was delivering a lecture on Supply Chain Management in the Energy Industry. Part of the reason that I was there again, was my former SCM students gave a very good feedback on how I delivered the module.

This time, I was there for two weeks teaching for 3 hours every day for Project Development in the Energy Industry. This module was attended by 45-59 students (total number of students was 59) in total. They have done brilliant work on their group exercise, which I considered tough group exercise as they had to prepare project proposal, and did the whole process in project cycle – initiation to closing. We had such a great time for the last two weeks, and it was a fruitful time for us. Thank you for all of my students, both my former students and my current students, the UEM, and everyone who have been involved in my success.

Students were delighted to have taken this module, and they constantly attended the class, and I have 59 students in my class, and they were all amazing. The students were very active, and they did not hesitate to ask any questions or give comments. They were all very good, and I am very impressed with their enthusiasm of learning the subject.

Here I have some pictures while I was teaching there.

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