PhD is tough, yet it is fun when you know what you can do during your “period of procrastination”.
Procrastination does not always mean bad for PhDs as long as they know they procrastinate for something to add value to their PhD experiences.  I did procrastinate lots lots and lots.

For me, PhD is the best decision I have made in my career life. Yes, PhD can be tough, but it can also be so fun! I have found my PhD journey has been giving me so much time to do lots of things that I could have never done if I was still working for companies.

Having the priviledge to lead my own research, I took advantage of the freedom to do things during my PhD.   I  did many internships, fellowships, and some social activities during 3 years time. PhD has given me so much opportunities to grow personally and professioally. I have developed my research skills, communication skills, technical skills, and engagement skills during my PhD.  It also has given me experiences of travelling around the world for conference purposes or just for vacation.

Never forget that nature does help our mental health. Even at the last bit of my writing, I still went for a walk to a beach nearby.

PhD is a mystery for everyone. It can be different for others on how they cope with their stress.
This page will bring you to see all my experiences during my PhD.


PS: The Research Projects here are those I have done while I was still doing my PhD!