2016 PhD Symposium, Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK

Presented Preliminary research paper on “Coal  Bed  Methane in  Indonesia: A  comparative  analysis  of  Net Production Sharing Contract (PSC) and Non-Cost Recovery Gross PSC Sliding Scale”

Comparative Study of Net PSC VS Non-Cost Recovery Gross Split PSC

In my first year PhD, 8 months after I enrolled, I was given an opportunity to present on my preliminary research.

It was my first PhD presentation, and I practiced at least 10 hours. I remembered, it was tough for me, since English is not my first language. Thankfully, I have been very talkative, and that helps me a lot.

I prepared my presentations a month earlier, and kept improving along with my practice. I remember what my supervisor said (Dr Ariel Bergmann)

Practice, practice, practice”

That was exactly what I did, and a great joy for giving that presentation, I have built a good relation with Dr. Leon Moller who is one of the CEPMLP graduates.

Thanks to the CEPMLP, UoD, all the PhD administrators!