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September 2019 – My First International Teaching Experience in Maputo!

By October 8, 2019July 12th, 2022Teaching

It was the last week in September, the first week in October, 2019. Maputo, Mozambique. One of the best seafood city I have ever visited!

As a result of Professor Raphael Heffron being appointed as Visiting Professor at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, my self and some other colleagues from the Centre (CEPMLP) were going there to deliver modules for the Oil and Gas & Energy Management Master Course in that University.

As a visiting lecturer, I delivered a module on Supply Chain Management in the Energy Industry. Having experiences in the oil and gas company as accountant (Sr.Accountant) and as Contract Administrator at the Procurement Department (SCM department) have helped me a lot in delivering the module.  I was there for a week, and gave lecture everyday for 2.5 to 3 hours a day.

It was one of my best experiences as a PhD candidate at the CEPMLP. I love teaching & sharing knowledge to others, and I love discussion on energy.  This experience has taught me so much more about myself and what I love to be doing.

I was giving an overview on the Oil and Gas Industry and also how the O&G Company operates in a country.  A more detail discussion on SCM, and also gave students a group exercise a Tender Process in the Procurement Department of an Oil and Gas Company.

Students were divided into 6 groups, and each groups was given 3 bid documents. The Bidding Systems being applied was the One Stage – Two Envelopes Bidding Procedures. A vendor request form was also provided for each of the group, and the groups were given freedom to create assumption (additional assumption).  Students found it interesting, and I personally enjoyed the process. Believe it or not, this exercise did show how much understanding the students have got during the lecture. I really like seeing how the students work on their exercise and all different and interesting ideas came up from them. It is very interesting to see that each group has different / slightly different way of analysing the bid documents.

Having an experience of assessing the bid documents in the O&G company, I was then able to provide more information and knowledge how it was usually done in the company.  I am very thankful to my senior at that company who has helped me develop the exercise.  This exercise was not just a random exercise, but I was also seeking for inputs and comments from a Senior procurement staff at the Oil and Gas Company.

Students were delighted to have taken this module, and they constantly attended the class, and I have 42 students in my class, and they were all amazing. I could see how much they really wanted to learn about the SCM and the Oil and Gas Industry. The students were very active, and they did not hesitate to ask any questions or give comments. They were all very good, and I am very impressed with their enthusiasm of learning the subject.

This is one of my best experiences during my PhD journey, here I have some pictures while I was teaching there.


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