The 43rd IAEE International Conference  1:36

Networking at the 43rd IAEE International Conference

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Countdown to COP26: Phase Out Coal  8:53

Countdown to COP26, in just ten days, world leaders will meet in Glasgow for the crucial cop26 climate summit, to accelerate action on the goal of limiting global warming to 1,5 degrees celsius as set in the 2015 Paris agreement.

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MGA positioned Natural Gas 30:08

MGA positioned Natural Gas as a Clean and Efficient Energy Source at a Regional Energy Conference

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@IA4EE 3:20

Theresia Betty Sumarno from the University of Dundee shares an insight on her research on coal bed methane development in #Indonesia.

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SRExCERAH Webinar Series 1:48:21

Yayasan Indonesia CERAH and Society of Renewable (SRE) have joined hands in hosting a series of webinars to take a closer look at how RE can drive economic recovery. With the theme, “Powering Economic Recovery using Renewable Energy: Opportunities and Challenges”.

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My PhD in Dundee 5:08

Theresia Betty Sumarno

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Green Talk | APBN Hijau untuk Indonesia 53:25


Narasumber: Masyita Crystalin Staf Khusus Menkeu Bd. Perumusan Kebijakan Fiskal & Makroekonomi Theresia Betty Sumarno Konsultan Kebijakan Energi IISD Tiza Mafira Associate Director at Climate Policy Initiative

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